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It’s time for President Obama to act on administrative relief that includes worker protections — like no employment requirement for relief and a process through which workers can engage in protected activities like forming or joining a union. 

Sign the petition: 

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Seattle - Washington - USA (von howardignatius)

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Schools have classes called “women’s studies,” and “African-American literature” because the standard for existence set by white men has yet to be rescinded in this age. “Normal” history is the history of a certain class of white people, from the perspective of men. All the other histories are precisely that: Other. - Cunt:  A Declaration of Independence (via sucked)

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everyone should listen to father john misty

it’s like listening to an indie donut with a country glaze 

and it’s perfect

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T H E  C I T A D E L

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NOVA December 1973 by Harri Peccinotti

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Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings live on KEXP, May 7, 2012

fú pontokba szedve elmondhatnám, hogy miért annyira tökéletes számomra ez az egész, de semmi értelme. 


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Matt Larson

oil painting

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Alexander Binder