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Maren Celest 

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Back when George W. Bush was president, liberals were regularly accused of being disloyal or anti-American if they disagreed with the policies the administration was undertaking. As Bush himself said, you were either with us or with the terrorists, and as far as many of his supporters were concerned, “us” meant the Bush administration and everything they wanted to do, including invading Iraq. You may have noticed that now that there’s a Democrat in the White House, conservatives no longer find disagreeing with the government’s policies to be anti-American; in fact, the truest patriotism is now supposedly found among those whose hatred of the president, and the government more generally, burns white-hot in the core of their souls. - Uncivil Disobedience and the Opposite of Patriotism (via smdxn)

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Cancun’s underwater museum boasts over 460 sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor. See photos of more of these sea sculptures here.

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"Everything is up in the air right now. My dog just died. My car just got hit. And I might get evicted. All I’ve got is my health."

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