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Iris Van Herpen’s Skeleton dress plays on vanitas in another way. Vanitas merges with vanity. The dress flaunts mortality with striking immodesty. Showing off the inevitability of death, the woman in the skeleton dress lives more fully.

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By Kazimir Malevich

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Chicago, IL, 1987

William W. Fuller

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Collin Hughes 

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Album premiere: Wand’s Ganglion Reef

This is the debut full-length release from the Los Angeles-based quartet, which was signed by Ty Segall himself to his Drag City imprint, GOD? Records, and should appeal to fans of Tame Impala. Admiring the “psychedelic stomp” of recent single “Broken Candle”, music blog Austin Town Hall goes on the describe the album like this: “Ganglion Reef has a great deal of fuzzy elements to it but they walk this fine line between being noisy and radio-friendly.”

Hear it on Hype Machine this week. 


Yuko Yuko - Cultlove (2014)



If something is ‘old as fuck’ then it’s about 1.2 billion years old because that’s when life evolved sexual reproduction.


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…an ode to 1970s skater girls. 

this is amazing

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that street you grew up on.

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This was a very new experience. I’ve been in several conflict zones: I was in the civil war regions in Georgia, the Gaza strip, illegally visited the Kaliningrad region when travel to the Soviet Union was still strictly prohibited for westerners, I’ve been in Iraq, Vietnam and in China, I’ve met Cuba dissidents. But to be arrested and yelled at and be rudely treated by police? For that I had to travel to Ferguson and St. Louis in the United States of America. - German Journalist Ansgar Graw, arrested while covering unrest in Ferguson, Missouri  (via lowcarhighcarb)

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